September 19, 2010


I apologize to those who expecting my manuscript to be finished, coz it won't happen soon. Sorry to tell that it would be delayed to next year...

I'm currently trying to proceed my master thesis & then I will need to get some 'get-away' from this frantic life I'm living now... the stress is too much for me to deal with, I simply need to clear my head...

I miss my hometown soooo much!!! How I wish & love to go back!!! God, grant me determination to finish this a.s.a.p, so I can get to fly sooner! (but surely I will miss hubby a lot then!)



Julai 21, 2010


Dear readers,
so sorry to inform I've to delay my writing progress of my 1st manuscript, since my master thesis must be put in top priority.. Goddd!
I'll finish all & all & be back soon.
For now, I'll just share some new fact bout me.

Watch out guys, 10 recent things 'bout me;

1. My fave colors: before baby blue, then white, yellow, pink, & currently colorful! Phewww...

2. My fave meals: Well, is there any foods other than fastfoods like pizzahut/ kfc? (hehe) see below...
Breakfast: I don't have breakfast (don't do this at home guys, it's not healthy)
Lunch: @ Laka Corners, Mama Widuri, & Anjung... (hari2 eat-out)
Dinner: @ Am's Cafe or Santhai la, luv New Town too, sometime Anjung again... (well, I'm very loyal to certain places)

3. My all-time fave beverages: Iced Milo, Teh 'O' Ais, fresh juices like watermelon / honeydew / carrot / mango, Mocha Frappe, Choc Ice-blended, all except sky-juice (lagi2 not healthy at all!)

4. My most frequent-played songs: Ungu - Tercipta Untukku, Seperti Yang Dulu (juz fall in love with them this lately)

5. My recent hobby: Watching movies on my lappy & surfing youtube looking for amazing talents :)

6. My new gadget: Mobile of Nokia expressmusic 5800, love it! & my laptop of dell inspiron N4010 fuschia in color! :)

7. My current activities: facebooking, business, sleeping, but thesis progress= 0, goddd!! (here my tension starting to built-up)

8. My dream-school for PHD: London School of Economics, really2 want to go there...

9. I loved american's english accent before, bcos it's more convenient & familiar, but recently fall in love with british accent, it's so tantalizing!

10. My feeling right now: Happy & loved by many, but there's lot to do & lot's of thoughts make my head spinning frantically! Godd! (again, here my tension came)

that's all for now.

Jun 01, 2010

My first blogging here :)

Hello there...
Well, this is my 1st blogging at my new blog.
I'll be the freedom writer to share everything I observe through days.
This blog also meant to be my journal as a writer.
I'm currently trying to finish my 1st novel (if it ever be published) ;p
Do look after me, so I won't be lazy to finish it.
Will start seriously today after I wake-up, since I'm just going to bed now ;p
p/s: good night or good morning, what's the appropriate greeting? (NVM, as long as zZZzzZ...)

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